Zakynthos, Zante Greece, Holidays Beaches and resorts virtual tour and guide.

Weather in Zakynthos, GR

Zante Map:
Water Park at Water Village
Water Park at Water Village "...easily accessible from all resorts on the island. Coaches run here regularly. It covers a large area and has rides suitable for all, from toddlers to adults..."
View of Zakynthos town and port from Bochali Strani Hill
View of Zakynthos town and port from Bochali Strani Hill ". You would never guess that there are cafes and an enormous ruined castle here..."
Smugglers Cove Shipwreck Bay
Smugglers Cove Shipwreck Bay "Navagio, or Shipwreck Bay, or Smugglers' Cove - whichever name you call it, it is probably the most photographed and most famous beach view in Greece..."
Laganas Beach
Laganas Beach "...extremely commercialised and developed. This is the place for cut price Happy Hour drinks and that all-important holiday tattoo..."
Alikanas "...a smaller, less developed resort, quieter than its neighbour and with a wide sandy beach..."
Alykes "The holiday brochures describe it as having a 'real Greek feel', but we thought it had much more of a 'Brits-on-holiday feel' to it..."
Argassi Beach
Argassi Beach "Argassi is the closest resort to Zakynthos town and is quite developed, along the busy road and behind it. There are lots of hotels, bars and restaurants here..."
Porto Koukla
Porto Koukla "The bay here is truly beautiful. We were tempted to stop for lunch at the taverna, which perches on a series of terraces on the hillside. However, it was full..."
Saint Markos Square Zante town
Saint Markos Square Zante town "This seemed to be the 'place to be' when we were there and it was a very pleasant place to wander around. A great spot to take a break from your sight seeing around Zante..."


Zante (or Zakynthos, or Zakinthos) is one of the Ionian group of islands of Greece; south of Corfu and Kefalonia. It is smaller and more agricultural than both of these islands but well geared up for tourism. Almost all the main resorts are backed by beautiful pine and olive tree-covered hillsides and the beaches have excellent facilities. You can take boat trips to visit nearby beaches, the blue caves or see the famous shipwreck at Smuggler's Cove (Navagio) from most resorts.

Navagio - shipwreck beach Zakynthos

Navagio (shipwreck), Zante - Zakynthos Greece.
Rusting shipwreck in a cove on the west coast of Zante. One of the most famous and the most photographed beaches in Greece. Vertical rocks tower over the rusty shipwreck abandoned in the middle of the beach.

Thinking of a holiday in the Greek Islands, thinking about ZANTE? Before you book your hotel or villa, you need to know where you should stay, what you could do - and of course, where to avoid! We are here to help you make those vital decisions, so that you can have the holiday that's right for you! Join us on our virtual tour and read personal, unbiased reviews, to check out the resorts, beaches and places of interest. Our Virtual Reality Zante Tour is here to help you to find out all about the island before you pay a single penny (or cent) to book your accommodation, ferry or flight. Make your holiday choice with all the information at your fingertips on this tour and review of the best places to visit on Zakynthos - Enjoy!.

Currently (2010) UK flights to Zante operate from Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Doncaster, Dublin, East Midlands, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford, Gatwick, Luton, Manchester, Newcastle, Stansted and it takes about 4 hours. Zante is 2 hours ahead of British summer time. MORE...

Where is Zante? - See our map of the Greek Islands

Zante tourist train

Zante weather.
We went in mid September and absolutely loved the weather - it always reached at least the late 20s celsius (often above), the water was warm and we had only one hour or so of rain on one morning. The skies were a deep blue and the sea clean and inviting. Such a delicious change from our grey, British, autumn skies. (Current Zante weather, long range forecast, statistics and outlook here)

Where to stay on this Greek Island?
The answer to this question depends on what you want from your holiday.

Water Park Zante

Nightlife: If you are young (or young at heart) and want to party until the early hours, drink more than is strictly good for you, meet new friends and sleep til late. Laganas and Tsilivi are the places for you. These resorts have plenty of lively bars, nightclubs and entertainment as well as fantastic sandy beaches. Wherever you are on the island of Zante, you are not far away from the Zante Water Park (Water Village), inland at Sarakinada.

If you like a lively holiday with lots of tourist facilities but a less manic nightlife, Kalamaki, Argassi and Alykes will still let you catch up with the football over a pint or three and eat a full English Breakfast. You could also consider the slightly quieter villages of Alykanas and Agios Sostis. The beaches here are all sandy and would suit families.

If you are looking for the real Greece, before we tourists distorted it all, then Keri (sometimes called Keri Beach or Keri Lake) and Marathias are probably the nearest you will get. You could also consider Agios Nikolaos - the one in the south at Vasilikos, or the one in the north at Volimes, Agios Niklolaos port (be careful: there are three towns called Agios Nikolaos), or tiny Kaminia.

Horse and buggy in Zante Town

Turtle Beaches versus Water Sports - Turtle Island.
If you choose to stay in the south of the island (main resorts of Laganas, Kalamaki, smaller villages of Keri Lake (or Keri Beach), Agios Sostis, Porto Koukla, Marathias), then you will be in the area protected for the "Caretta Caretta" or Loggerhead Turtles. This means no jet skis, parascending, banana boats etc, although many areas will allow you to hire a small boat to go exploring and most run boat trips to the rest of the island. Some of the best beaches in this area (notably Gerakas and Kalamaki) will not allow anyone on the beach between sunset and sunrise and also have restriction on where you can place parasols. (This is because the turtles lay their eggs in the soft sand and you may damage them.)

Glass bottom boat trip to the blue caves...

So, if you are desperate to be pulled along behind a speed boat on a strangely shaped inflatable, you need to choose a resort on the east coast. Argassi, Tsilivi, Alykes and Alykanas are the main resorts here. (Tragaki is also on this side of the island but doesn't exactly have a beach. Have a look at our review of Amboula to see what we mean...)

We thoroughly enjoyed our week on Zante: there's nothing like the warm sun on your skin, a pint in your hand, the azure sea sparkling beside you and constant bouzouki music to lift your spirits...

Island facts

The 'Zante Currant' is a small sweet seedless grape is native to the island.
Island length: 40 km, Island width: 20 km
Highest point: Vrachionas, 758 metres
Popular tourist spots include the Shipwreck Bay, Blue Caves and Cape Skinari. The west of the island is where you will get the best panoramic views of the sea. Just above Anafontria is the small observation deck which offers views down to the shipwreck below.