Keri Beach Keri Lake

Keri Beach Keri Lake, Zante Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Zante: Keri Beach Keri Lake.
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photograph of Keri Beach Keri LakeAh... lovely Keri. We stayed here and had a great time. This is the resort to choose if you want to see Greece how it used to be, before tourism took its hold and distorted it out of all recognition.

The beach here is almost entirely pebbly (there are two small sandy sections, which are quickly filled by those with tiny children) and a little natural shade is provided by the olive trees which line the beach. A tiny road runs along the sea-front and is lined with nine or ten tavernas and one small supermarket. Behind the beach are more supermarkets, a couple of bakeries and a couple more tavernas. There are lots of different styles and prices of accommodation - mostly self catering.

You can hire boats from here to visit the nearby caves and the island of Marathonissi, or go on a boat trip.

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Map of Zante showing the location of Keri Beach Keri Lake at Latitude 37.68247 / Longitude 20.83674.
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