View from Zakynthos Castle

View from Zakynthos Castle, Zante Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Zante: View from Zakynthos Castle.
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photograph of View from Zakynthos CastleNormally if someone suggests a castle visit when I am on a sun-soaked mediterranean island, I would emphatically decline. However, even I quite enjoyed this one.

It is largely ruined and absolutely enormous, covering a huge site right on the summit of the hill of Strana, overlooking the port of Zakynthos town. It has been used and built upon by a succession of armies and invaders from the Middle Ages right up to the Second World War.

However, what I liked best about it, was strolling through the fragrant pine forest, with lizards scampering about under my feet - oh! And the line of lamposts in the wood, which looked as though I had stepped straight out of a wardrobe and into Narnia.

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Map of Zante showing the location of View from Zakynthos Castle at Latitude 37.78609 / Longitude 20.88957.
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